Turov Rhapsody

In 2016 on the day of the Bank’s 5th anniversary the wide audience was presented the second album-book of the project “Cultural Heritage of Belarus” – that is “Turov Rhapsody”, dedicated to history, culture and modern life of the Turov lands, a sacred place of Belarus which became one of the oldest cradles of Belarusian statehood. The album pages present the picturesque landscapes of Polesye and fascinating nature of the National park “Pripyat”, which are accompanied by inspired poetic and prosaic lines of writers devoted to this corner of our country.

Album “Turov Rhapsody” was awarded with 1st Place Diploma of LVI National contest Book Arts-2017 in the category “For the Contribution to the Preservation of the Spiritual Heritage" and the 1st place Diploma in the nomination "Printed in the Commonwealth " at the XIV International Contest of the Member-States of the Commonwealth of Independent States "The Art of the Book".