Tree Beekeeping – Binding the Times

The album-book “Tree Beekeeping - Binding the Times”, the 6th edition of the series “Cultural Heritage of Belarus”, presents a unique chance to get acquainted with an ancient trade of the Belarusians. Tree beekeeping replaced collecting honey of wild bees in tree hollows and was widely spread in regions of Belarus covered with forests. Today this trade is preserved in some regions, predominantly in Ubort Polesye (in Lelchitsy district of Gomel region) where experienced masters pass the trade secrets to their successors.

In Belarus “Forest Beekeeping on the Basis of Lelchitsy District of Gomel Region” has the status of historical and cultural value. In 2019 the Belarusian and Polish experts sent the materials to UNESCO for the element “Culture of Tree Beekeeping in Poland and Belarus” to be included into the Representative list of immaterial patrimony of mankind. That is why the album-book “Tree Beekeeping – Binding the Times” is published in Belarusian, Russian, English and Polish languages. Thus it grants to a foreign reader the possibility to connect with the rich heritage of the Belarusian people.