School Bus program

The School Bus program provides for purchasing during the period 2013-2017 from the resources of JSC Development Bank of the Republic of Belarus of minimum 300 specially equipped  school buses for transportation of children in rural districts to places of studies and back home.

Every child irrespective of his/her place of residence must have an opportunity to obtain a  qualitative modern education. In rural districts such opportunity is harder to obtain simply because sometimes the distance between the school and home makes dozens of kilometers.

The program’s results are as follows:

  • more than 300 new routes for school buses;
  • 330 new buses transporting schoolchildren and pre-school children to educational establishments;
  • 15 buses for transportation of children with special needs, transferred to Departments of Education and regional centers of special education and rehabilitation;
  • upon the request  from the Development Bank in 2016 Minsk Automobile Works elaborated a new model of school bus MAZ 257 with   improved  parameters of safety, capacity and comfort.

Every day school buses purchased on account of the Development Bank’s resources form a part of the “road to knowledge” for 3 000 children from more than 200 settlements of Belarus. All buses are equipped with video recorders and media complexes which make the trip safe and entertaining for the small passengers.

We are convinced that School Bus program will help  to discover talents and apply school   knowledge to the benefit of our country.