Living Culture of Belarus

The album-book “Living Culture of Belarus” is the fifth edition of the series “Cultural Heritage of Belarus” which presents the best results of fruitful work aimed at finding and preserving the immaterial patrimony of the Belarusians, highlighting their identity and at the same time consonance with other European peoples, relation of Belarusian culture with cultural achievements common for the mankind.

The album-book presents centuries-long traditions of the Belarusians, which were passed from generation to generation and reached the 21st century. The edition complies examples of the “living” forms of cultural heritage of Belarus, such as traditional rituals, festivals, folk arts, crafts, which are carefully preserved even today.

During the XXVII Minsk International Book Fair the winners of LIX National contest The Art of Book were announced. According to the results of the voting the album-book “Living Culture of Belarus” of the social project “Cultural Heritage of Belarus”, prepared and published by the Publishing House “Four Quarters” in 2019 was awarded with 1st Place Diploma in the special category “For the Contribution to the Preservation of the Spiritual Heritage".