Investments in healthcare

“People who are busy bringing others back to health, thus demonstrating marvelous junction of mastery and humanity are far above all the great people of this world”


The future of the country depends largely on the health of people. Health is not only the highest value for everyone but also the chief priority of state policy. In the last four years the Development Bank has been actively investing in the country's healthcare system. The funds are directed to strengthening the material and technical base of healthcare institutions, which makes it possible for hundreds and thousands of patients to receive high-quality medical services.

Healthy Baby Program 

For the transition to a qualitatively new level of use of modern medical technologies and constant updating of the material and technical base of healthcare institutions, in 2017 the Ministry of Health, together with the Development Bank, developed and approved a new Healthy Baby Program.

The main objective of the program is to equip perinatal centers with modern high-tech equipment, which will create a basis for sustainable development of perinatal care, improve the quality of medical services, stabilize infant and child mortality rates and reduce child disability in general and severe loss of children's health.

The implementation of the program during 2018-2021 provides for the acquisition of special equipment of perinatal centers for the maintenance of vital activity of newborn children (artificial respirators, high-tech infant incubators with accessories and consumables, patient monitoring systems with a central tracking station, etc.) at the expense of the Development Bank.

In 2018 the Development Bank transferred specialized high-tech medical equipment to a new neonatal building of the Gomel Regional Children's Clinical Hospital in the amount of more than 2 million Belarusian rubles.

In 2019 the Development Bank also purchased and transferred medical equipment (artificial respirators, high-tech infant incubators etc.). The bank also allocated funds for the hospitals to purchase the patient monitoring systems. The hospitals which are to receive the medical equipment are 6 perinatal centers of 2nd and 3rd levels in Brest and Mogilev region. The total amount of funds used by the Development Bank for the Healthy Baby program realization in 2019 made more than BYN 2.6 million.

Realization of the program continues in 2020. Mogilev City Emergency Hospital received the high tech infant incubators, artificial respirators and other equipment. Financial support was also rendered to perinatal centers of Vitebsk and Minsk regions.

Assistance to the state institution Republican Scientific and Practical Center for Pediatric Oncology, Hematology and Immunology and the N.N. Alexandrov Republican Scientific and Practical Center for Oncology and Medical Radiology

In 2016, with the support of the Development Bank, special medical equipment was procured and the premises for the magnetic resonance imaging room were modernized for the Republican Scientific and Practical Center for Pediatric Oncology, Hematology and Immunology. The introduction of a modern MRI into the treatment process made it possible to carry out 800-1000 MRI examinations per year and to minimize the radiation exposure preventing the development of post-radiation injuries and secondary tumors, ensuring modern standard of the diagnostic process.

The Development Bank also provided sponsorship for the renovation of the state institution, N.N. Alexandrov Republican Scientific and Practical Center of Oncology and Medical Radiology. The Center is the leading oncology institution of the Republic of Belarus and provides a full range of services in the field of diagnosis and treatment of malignant tumors.

The renewal of the center's departments where high-tech operations are carried out has allowed providing high-quality living conditions for patients with severe oncological pathology, to increase the effectiveness of specialized oncological care and to increase the ability to export medical services.