Developing the system of supplementary education

"One must never stop learning".

Sun Tzu

Program of International Entrepreneurship Forum

The Development Bank  together with LLC Center for Business Communication BELBIZ is  a co-organizer of the  Global Entrepreneurship Week within the frames of  the International Entrepreneurship Forum.

Annually  numerous Forum’s visitors from Belarus and a wide range of foreign states share their experience in the area  of developing business and implementing of innovations, discuss  financial instruments for business support, angel investment and future trends.

The Forum is really vital for the Belarusian economy as its site forms the platform for business and government dialogue.

Participation in the Global money week

Traditionally, within the framework of the Global money week numerous activities are carried out across Belarus, aimed at increasing the financial literacy of the younger generation. In 2018 within the framework of the Week the Development Bank visited the secondary school No. 95 in Minsk. The meeting was attended by students of the tenth and eleventh grades, future graduates of the educational institution.

The staff told the children about the activities of the Development Bank and the main tasks that are put before this financial institution, as well as introduced the financial program for supporting SMEs initiated and developed by the Bank in 2014. Particular attention was paid to the non-financial support of young entrepreneurs and numerous educational initiatives in which the Development Bank participates.

Support for the 1st and 2nd open Academic Olympics in the global economy

In 2017, the Development Bank acted as a partner of the first and second open Academic Olympics in the world economy, organized by the Faculty of International Relations of the Belarusian State University. The main objectives of the Academic Olympics are to increase the interest of students in fields in the issues of the world economy and the development of entrepreneurship. A special prize from the Development Bank was an internship at the Bank for one of the teams.

Support to “Bridge” educational platform

Developing the educational system is a reliable investments in the future.

The Development Bank actively supports educational platform “Bridge” the main objective of which is to enhance the knowledge and practical skills in the business field for Belarusian students and recent graduates.

Bridge’s mission includes two major  aspects: helping students to adjust  to real life beyond the university’s walls and helping  employers to participate in economic educational system and to  get access to  talented, promising and motivated for development and achievements students. The Bridge project includes three units, each of  them  focuses upon  studies of  definite business areas, forming peculiar skills for the students’ future successful career.

The project instructors are  highly-qualified specialists who know firsthand about  problems and  peculiarities of real business functioning, most required expertise and business solutions.

During a 2-years cooperation more than 500 students from higher educational establishments of  Minsk, Grodno, Brest and other Belarusian cities took part in the project sessions.

Support to a TV project “My Business”

The Development Bank  is striving to steadily promote concepts which shall  contribute to  a faster formation  of favourable  business environment in the country  and raising of the business activities among the people.

For two years in a row the Development Bank  has been the partner of  ONT TV channel in the unique for Belarus project “My Business” which is focused upon developing and supporting  of small and medium entrepreneurship.

One of the mentors of the 2nd season became  a member  of the Supervisory Board of the Development Bank Daniel Krutzinna. In the previous year more than 800 participants from all over Belarus presented their business ideas. The program’s finalists received not only financial support for their projects but also qualified recommendations for their business development from well-known businessmen and representatives of leading Belarusian companies. The project raised interest with mass-media, received numerous  positive  responses from business community.