2017 Patronage

In May 2017 on the premises of the Republican Olympic Training Center the member  of the national tennis team and the participant of the  Development Bank’s social project Young Tennis Aces   Vera Lapko held a master class for the students  of sponsored  children’s home. The children received  a unique possibility to learn the ropes  of one of the most popular games  during a master class under the guidance  of Belarusian tennis player number 2 who managed to win the Junior Australian Open in 2016.

Vera introduced the rules of lawn tennis to the kids, described the  key game elements, told about the types of court surface and her personal experience of playing on each of them. After  the introductory excursion  Vera  held a training with a sparring partner. The coach  Vladimir Kruk told to the kids what is happening on the court during the game, how the tennis players   practice the basic  elements, analyze the chosen tactics, study the opponent’s behavior and maintain psychological strength. After the theoretical part the kids  started practicing. Each of them received a tennis racket and  tried to  practice the elements – serve, reception, playing at the baseline, net approach and  game, by-passing of the opponent.

To remember the master class and acquaintance with lawn tennis  each student  was given a gift of  a tennis ball  with Vera Lapko’s autograph and a pile of pleasant impressions!  Now the children  can proudly say, “I played tennis with Vera Lapko!”

During the New Year holidays every child  should feel attention and care because children are the future of our country. Traditionally  on New Year’s Eve  the Chairman of the Management Board of the Development Bank  Sergei Roumas   visited the  sponsored children’s home   and attended the  holiday concert organized by the kids. Their  wonderful  singing and dancing compositions are remarkably  sincere and  leave great  impressions with the spectators  filling them with festive mood.

Sergei Roumas presented sweet gifts to the pupils  and wished them good health,  kindness, all wishes coming true, good marks and reliable friends.

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