2015 Patronage

In May 2015 the Chairperson of the Joint Trade Union of JSC Development Bank of the Republic of Belarus A.I.Sychevskaya greeted and gave presents to 14 graduates of the Children’s Home. The tutors, teachers and management of the Children’s Home wished the graduates success in their lives, and the graduates on their part thanked the staff for sincere participation in the life of every child in their care.

In September 2015 during the festive ceremony dedicated to 15th anniversary of the Children’s Home the students received from the Development Bank such gifts as a MAZ bus, computer class and sports playground, which was upgraded with financial support from the Bank and trade mark Bonfesto.

In December 2015 before New Year holidays the Chairman of the Bank’s Management Board S.N.Roumas congratulated the Children’s Home students with the coming  New Year and Christmas  and  gave sweet gifts to the children.

Development Bank hopes  that its friendship with the children’s home  shall develop and  become stronger every year!

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