Social responsibility

The Development Bank is conducting a consistent policy of building open and transparent  relations with Belarusian society, striving to render maximum assistance to the solution of social problems. Not only financial and investment projects, but also Bank’s sponsorship projects are aimed at developing the country’s economy and improving the living standards of its citizens.

The Development Bank is financing projects in the area of charity work and  sponsorship on a systemic and long-term basis which include the following major fields:

  1. Children’s support;

  2. Preservation of culture;

  3. Facilitating sport development;

  4. Investments in healthcare;

  5. Developing the system of supplementary education.

Another unique project with the participation of the Development Bank was the reconstruction of the XII-XIII century altar cross of the Turov diocese (the Turov Cross).

The Bank’s systemic and multi-faceted approach to participating in solving actual problems of Belarusian society was marked by a gold medal at the national contest Brand of the Year 2016 in the category “Active Social Position”.