JSC Development Bank of the Republic of Belarus in line with the requirements of the Resolution of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus and National Bank of the Republic of Belarus No14\1 dd 05.01.2012 (hereinafter – Resolution No14\1) is forming a list of entities conducting independent review of investment projects. Pursuant to the Resolution No14\1 the independent review is conducted under the decision of the Development Bank’s Management Board in respect to the investment projects with cost exceeding USD 50 million in equivalent, and in respect to the investment projects providing for creation and development of production enterprises of 5th and 6th technological modes irrespective of the project cost as well as in other cases regarding technologically complicated investment project.

An entity can be included into the list if it complies with the following criteria:

  • Professional experience in the sphere of consulting services – at least 5 years;
  • At least 20 professionals in the staff (higher education diplomas);
  • Availability of experts, either in the staff or engaged on a regular basis for conducting research (marketing, engineering and other) having professional qualification and academic degree or with experience in project management;
  • Participation in at least 10 investment projects with cost exceeding USD 50 million in equivalent as regards independent project review or consulting services (marketing , engineering research);
  • Possibility of using various reliable information sources for independent review of investment projects including information data bases including among others foreign data bases (statistics data bases, specialist literature and others);
  • Using modern standard practice and standards for independent review of investment project;
  • Cooperation with leading international financial institutions, foreign consulting companies, research and design institutes or industrial associations (cooperation and joint projects);
  • At least 5 positive opinions (recommendations) from clients (government bodies, large companies);
  • Facilities and resources sufficient for research within the frames of an independent review of investment projects;
  • Stable financial standing (the company is not in bankruptcy, liquidation or reorganization proceedings, no attachment upon the company’s property, the company’s business is not interrupted), total annual revenue (turnover) for the latest report period is to exceed USD 250 thousand in equivalent, positive business reputation ( no overdue liabilities to the budget or creditors, disclosure of information on company’s affiliated persons, no criminal or administrative cases initiated in relation to the company’s business, no adverse information: judgements or resolutions of state authorities confirming the company’s incompetence or lack of professionalism).

In case the company is included into the List the agreement on cooperation in the form elaborated by the Development Bank shall be concluded.