Pursuant to the Decree of the President of the Republic of Belarus dd December 9, 2014 No572 “Concerning additional measures to support families with children” and within the frames of the Regulation on managing family funds by JSC Development Bank of the Republic of Belarus approved by the resolution of the Supervisory Board dd 26.02.2015 No1 the Development Bank grants loans for the purposes of investment projects realization on account of family funds.

The amount of financing granted by the Development Bank fully or partially on account of family funds shall not exceed  85% of the total investment costs with VAT.

Loan currency: 

  • US Dollars;

Loan amount: 

  • minimum USD 1 million;

Term of the loan: 

  • shall be established based on the project payback period and shall not exceed 15 years;

The principal debt repayment:

  • shall start after the facility is put into operation (planned capacity is reached);

Interest payment

  • monthly, starting from the month following the month of loan granting.

To secure fulfillment of obligations under the loan agreements the Development Bank accepts all types of collateral as specified by legislation of the Republic of Belarus.

Requirements to the applicant (borrower):

  1. credit rating estimated in line with the Development Bank’s methodology is A or B;

  2. the applicant has no outstanding indebtedness on credit-type liabilities to banks, including the Development Bank as of the date of documents submission;

  3. the applicant is not in the process of reorganization, liquidation (winding-up);

  4. as of the latest report date the authorized capital did not exceed the net assets value;

  5. there are no losses from realization of products, goods, works, services for the previous year;

  6. the total amount of obligations under the concluded suretyship agreements and cost of property pledged on third parties’ obligations does not exceed 35% of the assets value as of the latest report date (hereinafter- limit), or exceeds the said limit provided that EBITDA value is not more than 4.

Requirements to investment projects:

The project is economically efficient and financially feasible as confirmed by the project’s business plan.

For the Development Bank’s authorized body to review the issue of possible loan granting the applicant is to submit a set of documents in conformity with the Development Bank’s local regulatory acts as specified in the section “Sets of documents”.


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