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With the financial support of the Development Bank a major investment project was implemented in Mogilev region

Last Saturday there was a solemn opening of a unique for the region pig breeding farm for 3,600 heads in Mogilev region at JSC “Klimovichi bakery plant”. The construction of this facility is one of the most large-scale investment projects in Mogilev region, for the financing of which the Development Bank allocated about 70 million Belarusian rubles in 2021-2022.


The Head of the Administration of the President of the Republic of Belarus, Igor Sergeenko, noted that the opening of a large industrial facility was symbolic in the Year of Peace and Creation and will give an impetus to the further development of the whole region.

“The constructed farm is a contribution to the further development of the district, the region and the country, a contribution to food security. The most important thing is that new jobs will be created here. This unique facility was built using modern technologies, according to the latest science and technology. It was realized thanks to the diligence of the regional and district authorities and builders. I am sure that with the opening of the farm, we are opening a new page in the development of Klimovichi District. I wish all of you industrial and labour success and further development of our beloved country,” said Igor Sergeenko.


Each year the breeding farm plans to produce about 100,000 heads of piglets of highly productive breeds. They will be brought up to 32 kg and after reaching 80 days of age will be transferred to the existing pig farms for final fattening. Breeding stock will be filled up in the first half of the year: 900 heads of pigs will be brought here every month from May to August. As a result, 3.6 thousand breeding sows will be born here. After that four months later the first piglets will be produced. The breeding facility will reach its design capacity by 2024.


There are about 50 buildings and constructions on the territory of the new farm. There are eight pig houses for farrowing, insemination, maintenance of gestating sows and piglets; several stations for pumping effluents, cremation, storage of biological waste; a number of disinfectant barriers and sanitary filters. A water tower, water intake and deferrization station, two manure reservoirs for 600 thousand tons each were built. The complex was created with the newest technologies, so manual labor is minimized here - all processes are automated.