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Sport and game cluster "Street workout", financed by the Development Bank, was opened in a solemn atmosphere

The fourth sport and game cluster "Street Workout" was opened in Bobruisk on the territory of the school of Olympic reserve, which is equipped with modern simulators and playgrounds for game sports.


Alexander Egorov, Chairman of the Management Board of the Development Bank, noted that the initiative to build such clusters belonged to the Development Bank and was supported by the Prime Minister.

"In addition to our main function - funding of government programs and implementation of significant investment projects, we pay much attention to social direction. It includes projects in medicine, agriculture, transport and sport," said Alexander Egorov.


The Chairman of the Management Board of the Development Bank noted that such workout playgrounds allow children and teenagers to do sport and develop physically at any time.

"We are planning to implement this initiative in different regions of the country every year. In Mogilev region we have already financed and built together with Bobruisk four such playgrounds, two more are located in Mogilev and one - in Osipovichi. We hope that the new sports facility will be popular and will be a good present for both the school of Olympic reserve and the whole city," added Alexander Egorov.


According to the Chairman of the Management Board of the Development Bank, the playground will become a place of attraction for fans of sports and basketball. It will allow them not only to improve their health and physical endurance, but also to have a good mood and relax emotionally after studying or a hard working day.


The new complex includes a sport playground with a seamless polymer surface, an Urbanball playground, a streetball playground, modern sports equipment, including for people with disabilities, and an information board with a training program. Everyone will be able to find a suitable activity for themselves, both professional athletes and amateurs.


Pavel Belsky, Director of the school of Olympic reserve, is sure that people of different ages - both amateurs and professional athletes - will be able to successfully train at the complex. At the opening of the complex, he expressed his gratitude to the Development Bank on behalf of the students and staff of the institution.


"Such a useful initiative to support sport activities deserves the sincerest words of gratitude”, the Head of the educational institution emphasized. “The sport complex will give us a boost in development, because training of athletes requires new equipment and modern approaches to the educational and training process. I am sure that the playground, which is freely accessible, will be highly demanded by our students and residents of the neighborhood.