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Sincere emotions, smiles and festive mood. Aleksander Egorov congratulated the pupils of Belynichi boarding school on the upcoming New Year and Christmas

As part of the charity event “Our Children”, Alexander Egorov, Chairman of the Management Board of the Development Bank, visited Special Boarding School in Belynichi. The event was also attended by Nikolai Snopkov, First Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Belarus, and the leadership of Mogilev region.


The guests brought sweet gifts, presented a multimedia projector and a certificate for strengthening the material and technical base of the school.

The holiday turned out to be homely and warm. The children, and 110 people study here, together with the teachers prepared creative performances - they danced, read poems, led round dances.


Nikolai Snopkov, First Deputy Prime Minister, congratulating the children on the New Year holidays noted that he found himself in a real fairy-tale atmosphere.


"Today we got the miracle that the children were waiting for. Thank you very much to the children and the team for organizing such a holiday for us. Special attention should be paid to schools where children are brought up without parents, children with special needs of psychophysical development. At the initiative of the Development Bank we are pleased to participate in this event," the First Deputy Prime Minister said.


Nikolay Snopkov noted that the Development Bank, together with the Government, will take patronage over the school throughout the year.

"Why is it important? The holiday will pass and a joyful haze will be left behind. And children should feel fundamental care for themselves," the First Deputy Prime Minister added.


Alexander Egorov, Chairman of the Management Board of the Development Bank, thanked the pupils and the staff for the bright New Year's performance, emotions and smiles.

"I would like to say a special thank you to the children: on the one hand, we came to give them presents, on the other hand, they gave us the biggest present with their performances and round dances. Things are material, but the emotions they shared with us are endless, and we will keep them in our hearts," Alexander Egorov said.


The head of the Development Bank also congratulated the pupils of the school on the upcoming New Year holidays.

"I wish that all of you have a cherished dream and it will definitely come true. In the coming year, set your goals, achieve them and become better," Alexander Egorov said.


The visit of the Development Bank's management to boarding school in Belynichi was the first. Previously, targeted support was provided to similar institutions in Minsk. Alexander Egorov noted that the Development Bank never stays away from good deeds providing sponsorship and participating in charity events, including the republican initiative "Our Children".


"It is very important to help schools that deal with children with special needs. Moreover, they need both attention and material assistance, including for the repair and replacement of the necessary equipment. All this will make the stay of the pupils more comfortable," the Chairman of the Management Board said.


The Development Bank has already provided sponsorship to the school for the purchase of eight boilers for catering, a dishwasher, two washing machines and one for drying, as well as two door blocks.

"We have already provided sponsorship to this school for about 51000 Belarusian rubles," Alexander Egorov said. - Next year, support will continue. Now we are looking at the most needy schools across the country – one in each region – to take them under patronage. In addition to financial support, we give children attention, because it's always nice when people come and give gifts on New Year's Eve."


The Chairman of the Management Board stressed that the Development Bank has always taken a socially responsible position and is an example for business in this matter.

"We had a large program under which we allocated about 4-4.5 million Belarusian rubles per year for equipment for children's medical centers," he said. "Since last year, we have launched a joint program with the Ministry of Health for the purchase of ambulances. We send the funds necessary for the purchase of cars to health care institutions in Minsk and regions. Every year 22 ambulances replenish the fleets of Belarusian hospitals."


In addition, the Development Bank contributes to the implementation of programs for the construction of sports grounds. Last year four playgrounds were built in Mogilev region, and this year a large number of football fields have been equipped. Next year the project to equip playgrounds with the opportunity to engage in physical education will continue in all regions.


"The number of institutions with which we will cooperate is only growing, because in general, the profit in the economy is growing, as well as the profit of the Development Bank. We believe it is important to constantly allocate a certain percentage of profits to charity and sponsorship," Alexander Egorov concluded.

In turn, Alexander Mamchenko, the director of the boarding school, on behalf of the children and the teaching staff, thanked the Government and the Development Bank for the support.

"It is very important for our children to feel needed and understand that they are not alone," the head of the school said.


14-year-old Artem Klimenkov, who played one of the main roles in the New Year's fairy tale, shared his vivid impressions of the holiday: "Together with Santa Claus and Snow Maiden, I also became a key character. I always play kind characters, because I am very kind. I spent a lot of time preparing for the performance, learning the words and rehearsing diligently, for which I was very much praised by everyone. Such performances are interesting for all children, because we are waiting for gifts, guests, new acquaintances and impressions. New Year for me is a time of miracles, when wishes come true. All the old is gone, and the new is coming. I dream of being with my close friends, of which I have many."


For ninth-grader Artem Lavnikov New Year's Eve is his favorite holiday, the boy hurries to share his emotions from the matinee.

"At this time, any wishes come true," Artem said. – Every year I write a letter to Santa Claus. Last year, for example, he asked for a smartwatch to count steps and monitor health indicators. The wish came true! This year I hope to get a portable charger with a memory stick as a gift – I love listening to music."


There are 110 pupils in the boarding school, including 43 disabled children and 40 orphans and children left without parental care. Children from 5 to 18 years old live and study here. A preschool group and 14 classes have been formed, in which children are taught in the first department (with a mild degree of intellectual deficiency) and the second (with a moderate degree). After graduating from the 10th grade of the first department, the pupils continue their education in vocational colleges, after the second they go to a permanent place of residence in Vesnovski boarding school for disabled children with special needs of psychophysical development.