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Representatives of the Development Bank took part in a solemn event dedicated to the end of the academic year in orphanage No.7 “Sem Ya”

In the capital orphanage No. 7 "Sem Ya" there was a solemn event dedicated to the end of the academic year. Seven students graduated from the educational institution and an independent adult life awaits them in the future.

Kanstantsin Pankevich, Deputy Chairman of the Management Board of the Development Bank, Maksim Avdeev, Chairman of the Trade Union Organization of the Development Bank, as well as teachers, representatives of the Education Committee of Minsk City Executive Committee and the Administration of Oktyabrsky District of Minsk came to congratulate the graduates.

Addressing the graduates, Kanstantsin Pankevich noted that the farewell bell is a very festive and memorable holiday, which is the start of a new stage of life for them.

"The knowledge and qualities you acquired during your studies allow you to be successful in the future and achieve your most cherished dreams. Today, there are many opportunities for you as graduates. Your future depends on how you use them. Be confident in yourselves and your knowledge, do not stop before difficulties, be creative and progressive. Good luck! - Kanstantsin Pankevich greeted the graduates and gave them presents from the Development Bank.


The Development Bank has been providing assistance to the orphanage “Sem Ya” since 2014, aimed at physical, creative and intellectual development of its children, as well as comfortable and safe living and education of children.