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Dmitry Grinchak: Financial support of the Development Bank allows to build the most high-tech and modern agricultural facilities

Commercial dairy farm for 1000 heads built with the financial support of the Development Bank was solemnly opened in JSC “Velikoselskoye Agro” in Pruzhany district.


The livestock breeding complex was built according to the original project specifically for the needs and level of this farm. The commercial dairy farm, and in fact, the whole complex consisting of several cowsheds, milking block, maternity ward, calf shed, silage trench, pumping station, other buildings and facilities, is a modern factory for milk production. More than 1.5 thousand animals are kept here, including 1 thousand dairy cows, which are served by the staff of 39 people.


“What we see in this complex is the general strategy of the republic for the development of dairy cattle breeding," said Sergei Fedchenko, First Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Food, who took part in the opening of the complex. - We set a goal to keep all the milking livestock by 2030 on such well-equipped technological cattle-breeding complexes, where conditions are created both for the animals (to observe the technology, milking and housing) and for cattle breeders who work here".


The construction of the complex, which lasted 16 months, cost 39.1 million rubles, of which 19.9 million rubles - loan from the Development Bank, the rest - own funds of JSC "Velikoselskoye Agro".

Dmitry Grinchak, Head of Brest branch of the Development Bank, said that the bank was actively involved in the financing of the construction of facilities in agro-industrial complex of the country.

"The Development Bank annually holds a tender of the most effective investment projects for the construction of commercial dairy farms, based on the results of which the winners receive financial support from the bank. As a result of such work, the most high-tech and modern agricultural facilities are built in different regions of the republic, which bring benefit not only to a certain region, but also to the country as a whole," said Dmitry Grinchak.


Now the milk yield per cow in JSC “Velikoselskoye Agro” is 28.5 liters of milk. The farm is fully equipped, operates as a complete production facility and already brings profit to the enterprise.


"These animals have been moved to new comfortable conditions from old farms and it allowed us to increase milk yield. Today, the additional monthly revenue allows us to cover the loan payments. Figuratively speaking, we have practically paid off this project now. And we are very satisfied with it," said Vasily Sevostianchik, Director of JSC “Velikoselskoye Agro”.


By BelTA