27 October 2023

The Development Bank will finance investment projects for the construction and reconstruction of commercial dairy farms totaling more than 180 million Belarusian rubles

The tender selection of applicants applying for loans from the Development Bank for the implementation of investment projects for the construction and reconstruction of commercial dairy farms has been completed.
19 October 2023

Sergei Stolyarchuk: The goals of the initiative “One District – One Project” are ambitious

The emergence and implementation of a series of significant import substitution projects in various parts of the country. This is the result of the initiative “One region - one project”, which the Head of State proposed for the development of regions. Without a doubt, the project became the driver of a positive movement in which both public and private enterprises were involved. Deputy Chairman of the Management Board of the Development Bank Sergei Stolyarchuk told a correspondent of the newspaper “Respublika” about the intensification of investment activity and support for local initiatives.

5 October 2023

Expanding the boundaries of cooperation. The Development Bank and NCLI discussed promising areas of cooperation

Representatives of the Development Bank, led by First Deputy Chairman of the Management Board Roman Brodov, visited the National Center of Legal Information on a working visit.

14 September 2023

The Development Bank continues to implement infrastructure projects. The second stage of the overpass was opened in Mogilev on the occasion of the National Unity Day

On the eve of the National Unity Day, an important event for the city took place in Mogilev - the solemn opening of the second stage of the overpass at Yakubovskogo Street - Zagorodnoe highway. The city highway was named “17th September Avenue”.

25 August 2023

Memorandum on cooperation was signed with the State Development Bank of the Kyrgyz Republic

The delegation of the Kyrgyz Republic headed by Bakyt Torobaev, Deputy Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Kyrgyz Republic, visited the Development Bank.
24 August 2023

Increasing access to resources for SMEs: the Development Bank signed an agreement with a new program partner

18 August 2023

Alexander Egorov: “One District - One Project” initiative is a vivid example of increasing investment activity in the regions

8 August 2023

“Promcooperation”: new loan product of the Development Bank to support small and medium-sized enterprises