8 February 2019

Discussion on Pressing Matters of Economic, Internal and Information Security in Development Bank

On the 7th and 8th of February 2019 a seminar entitled “Goals, Objectives, Principles for Building and Developing an Integrated Security Management System for the Development Bank Group” was held at the Central Office of the Development Bank. The seminar was attended by over 30 employees of information security and protection branches of the Development Bank, heads of security services of enterprises of the Holding of woodworking industry enterprises “BORWOOD”, as well as LLC “BR-Forest” and JSC “Belarusian Forest Company”.
6 February 2019

Development Bank Finances More Than 1,200 SMEs’ Investment Projects in 2018

The issues of supporting small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in the Republic of Belarus are constantly in the focus of attention of the Development Bank. The solution to this task is focused on its own program to expand the access of SMEs to credit resources, implemented by the Development Bank for over 4 years. The support tools are the provision of loans and financial leasing which can be used to implement projects at various stages of business development.
5 February 2019

Development Bank and Alfa-Bank Conclude First Transaction in Belarus to Finance Project at the Expense of World Bank Resources

In accordance with the Decree of the President of the Republic of Belarus dd. 24th of 2017. No. 300 “On attracting an external loan and a draft international treaty” in 2017 The Development Bank attracted an external loan of the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development in the amount of $60 million to implement the project “Expanding Access to Financing for Micro-, Small- and Medium-sized Enterprises in the Republic of Belarus". The project participants are currently 6 partner-banks to which small and medium-sized enterprises can apply for funding.
29 January 2019

Belarusian Youth Footbal Team Wins Development Cup - 2019!

Yesterday at the Minsk Football Stadium, the International Youth Football Tournament Development Cup – 2019 organized by the Association Belarusian Football Federation and the Minsk City Executive Committee has ended. Since 2014, the Development Bank is the general partner of the tournament. This year Belarus was represented by a team made up of players born after 2002. Last autumn players made their way into the elite round of the qualifying tournament of the European Youth Championship - 2019. In March, Belarusians will have to compete with the teams of Germany, Iceland and Slovenia for reaching the final stage of the continental championship.
28 January 2019

The Development Bank To Provide Loans to Misnk National Airport

In 2019, the Development Bank will continue financing the construction of the second runway at the Minsk National Airport. Decree No. 42 dd. 22nd of January 2019 provides for issuing a loan for this purpose in the amount of $ 15 million. Also, the aforementioned Decree provides for the issuance of a loan to the Misnk National Airport for the reconstruction of a specialized air transport facility at the Orsha airfield in the amount not exceeding $ 43.6 million.
25 January 2019

Belarus Youth Football Team Goes to Semifinals of Development Cup-2019

The Minsk International Development Football Tournament Development Cup - 2019 organized by the Association “Belarusian Football Federation” and the Minsk City Executive Committee continues in Minsk. Since 2014, the Development Bank is the general partner of the tournament. The junior national team of Belarus, composed of players born after 2002, played in the third match of the tournament winning a over the Belgian team 3:1.
24 January 2019

XI Republican Branch Games of Belarusian Trade Union of Banking and Financial Workers

In order to implement the state program of development of fitness culture and sports of the Republic of Belarus, promoting a healthy lifestyle, active forms of public recreation, attracting employees to regular physical education and sports, on the basis of the unitary enterprise ASB Sanatorium Sputnik and DUP Sanatorium Narochanka ”(Minsk region, Myadel district, Naroch) XI Republican Branch Games of the Belarusian Trade Union of Bank and Financial Workers were held. Nine teams took part in the Games, among which was the team of the Development Bank.
23 January 2019

Development Bank Expands Product Line of Financial Support for SMEs Programme

In January 2019 the Development Bank launched a new product under the existing program of financial support for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), “Support for social entrepreneurship”. This product is specifically designed for SMEs who are involved in solving social problems as they assist social institutions or provide employment to socially vulnerable categories of citizens. Lending for the product "Support for social entrepreneurship" is carried out in Belarusian rubles for the purpose of financing the costs of SMEs for the purchase (reconstruction, modernization, construction, overhaul) of fixed assets for their production activities, trading activities or services.