Corporate governance

One of the most significant  instruments providing for  stability  and long-term successful development of an organization is its corporate governance.

When the Development Bank was created it was supposed to comply with the leading  international practice of corporate governance. That is why the Development Bank  is elaborating and  improving the corporate governance system taking into account the  standards and rules in compliance with the best international practice in this area which is reflected in Strategic Development Plan of the Development Bank for 2021-2025.

The methodological basis of the Development Bank is  elaborated  subject to international documents on corporate governance in line with recommendations of Basel Committee on Bank Supervisions, Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, International Finance Corporation, documents issued by  the State Property Committee of the Republic of Belarus and best practice of creating  efficient corporate governance in organizations.

The corporate governance structure existing  in the Development Bank is traditional  for a joint-stock company and complies with legislation of the Republic of Belarus. The major  governing bodies of the Development Bank are: