The Development Bank has developed and approved an Information Policy aimed at improving the quality of corporate governance, ensuring compliance of the Bank's activities and its employees with the requirements of the current legislation of the Republic of Belarus, local regulatory legal acts, corporate values, as well as ethical standards set out in the Code of professional ethics of employees of the Development Bank.

The information policy defines the main objectives and principles on prevention of the involvement of the Bank and its employees in illegal activities related to the provision of false financial and miscellaneous reporting, abuses, ethical violations, economic crimes, including fraud, money laundering, terrorist financing and the financing of proliferation of mass destruction weapons, commercial bribery, corruption and other illegal activities. The document also establishes the procedure for reporting violations committed by employees with subsequent procedures for investigation, documentation and informing the management bodies of the Development Bank and officials about violations and measures taken to prevent them. The reply shall be sent to the applicant only in the case if the applicant stated the necessity of such reply and specified its contact details in its message.

Through the hotline the Development Bank shall ensure the possibility to freely inform (including anonymously) the Internal Control Branch or, if actions are related to the activities of the Head of the Development Bank, managers and founders (participants, property owners) of entities included in the bank holding, - an authorized person - representative of the Development Bank Supervisory Board about facts of illegal or unethical actions in activities of the Development Bank, the bank holding.

Using hotline any employee of the Development Bank, a client, counterparty, or other person who has encountered illegal or unethical acts within the framework of the activities of employees of the Development Bank may contact authorized persons indicating the fact of violation or an action not corresponding to the established ethical standards using any of these channels of communication.

Authorized person - member of the Supervisory Board of the Development Bank:

+375 17 3096599,;

Authorized person - Head of the Internal Control Branch:

+375 17 3096598,