Bank’s Best Employees

Every year, on the threshold of the birthday of the Development Bank the employees are placed on the Bank’s Board of Honour. They are awarded with the highest form of intrabank recognition, as a rule, for their professionalism, dedicated work and significant personal contribution to the Bank’s activities.

Best Employees – year 2021

Gitsuk Svetlana 

Head of the Sector of Coordination of Credit Operations of Branches of the Active Banking Operations Department 

Grinyuk Elena 

Chief Specialist of the Treasury 

Kafarova Alina 

Head of the Center for Analysis and Strategic Planning

Kotikova Alla

Head of the Control Measurement Unit of the Active Banking Operations Department 

Larkovich Irina

Head of the Unit of Banking Operations Accounting of the Accounting and Taxation Department 

Lopato Alla

Chief Specialist of the Active Banking Operations Department of Grodno Branch of JSC “Development Bank of the Republic of Belarus” 

Metelskaya Olga

Head of the Legal Department

Misko Galina

Chief Specialist of the SME Support Department

Reutovich Igor

Head of the Internal Audit Sector

Chirak Vyacheslav

Chief Specialist of the Export Finance Department

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