Performance of Secure Functioning Standards

The Development Bank’s compliance to normative standards of secure functioning as fixed by the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus:


Parameter description Normative standard as fixed by the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus
Factual value for JSC Development Bank of the Republic of Belarus as of 01.04.2022
Normative standards of regulatory capital adequacy:


Regulatory capital adequacy,%
Minimum 10.0% (12.5%)* 16.482%
2 Core Tier 1 capital adequacy, %
Minimum 4.5% (7%)** 15.503%
3 Tier 1 capital adequacy, % 7%  15.930%
Normative standard of cumulative value of large risks:
 1    Cumulative value of  large risks
8-fold value of regulatory capital 4.2

*Specified capital adequacy ratio subject to conservation buffer for 2022

**Specified  capital adequacy ratio subject to conservation buffer and countercyclical buffer for 2022


The value of actually formed and required special provisions on possible losses on off-balance assets and transactions as of 01.04.2022 (BYN thousand):

Actually formed provisions Required provisions
571 783.6
571 783.6